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  1. Am I seeing your prices correctly in that to buy a complete pulse jet engine from you is pretty much the same price give or take as the kit prices?

    You have the kits so that one has to buy the pipe or body and also the head. The prices combined of kits makes it hard to see any reason to buy a kit you know.

    I have tried to make a pulse jet from car exhaust an couple times and had no luck with it working out yet.

    Ended up losing everything to a fire (electrical not pulse jets) and so I haven’t been able to keep trying to m make myself a pulse jet yet but will try to make one that works as soon as I’m able.

    Thanks for sharing your pulse jet projects, they have been inspiring to me for a long time now. Found you years ago on. YouTube with your Hatley jet bike and just found your video making 2 jets which led me here.

    Note I’m wanting to build one 🙁

    Soon I hope lol 🙂

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